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Automatic revolving door

Origin: Shanghai,China
Brand name :SHANEOK
Usage: Commercial
Door material: stainless steel
Open Style: Scrolling
Name: Automatic revolving door
Style: luxury
Size: Customizable
Glass: Tempered glass

The control system uses a microcomputer chip device, intelligent, user-friendly parameter settings. When the microwave radar senses a person or object moving around, the door will automatically open or remain open, otherwise it will be closed. In addition, you can connect to infrared, fingerprint, credit card, password, remote control, contact and other open methods. Can be set to open, normally closed or half open, half off. There is no need to manually push the door open after a power outage. When the resistance system is encountered, the return door opening command will be executed immediately to prevent the person from being caught. Can be connected to the power backup power supply. It can be equipped with safety devices such as remote control electric lock and manual lock.

6major safety designs

  • Vertical safety switch

    The conductive rubber safety switch is soft in texture and can sensitively trigger the sensor under a small squeeze condition, so that the revolving door can be stopped, which is safer and more reliable than the photoelectric and bone switch in the market.

  • Anti-clip sensitivity function

        When the resistance encountered by the automatic door rotary wing is greater than the set value (the set value can be adjusted),                          the  automatic stops.

  • Disability function

        The door body is automatically decelerated to ensure the safety of children, the elderly and the disabled.

  • LED color display

       Clearly showing the state of the door's operation, making it clear at a glance.

  • Emergency stop function

        When an emergency situation occurs, simply press the emergency stop button and the revolving door will stop running                          immediately.

  •  Night security door (optional)

        According to the customer's needs, a mechanical lock or an electronic lock can be added outside the revolving door to make the            entire revolving door closed, further improve the safety of the revolving door, and double the protection of the building entrance.

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