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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Electric Stir-Fry Stove Kitchen Canteen


Our company can provide the imported brand of Marine kitchen western food equipment and laundry equipment: Electrolux, FAGOR, Hobar KANGLI, THUNDERBIRD, insinkerator, PRIMUS, CISSELL, EGO...

Marine kitchen equipment including: Marine electromagnetic range, Marine electric oven, electric cooker, ship electricity soup pot, Marine elei pans, Marine steamed rice box, Marine stainless steel refrigerators, Marine dishwasher, Marine water boiler, ship electric blast furnace, N vaporization stove, Marine universal steam oven, electric furnace, Marine ship grinder, etc.

Mechanical equipment: Marine installations, Marine mixer, Marine noodle press, Marine meat grinder, Marine vegetable cutter, Marine stean machine, Marine dumpling machine, Marine potato peeling machine, Marine slicer, Marine saw bone, Marine bean curd soybean milk machir pulping machine, can opener, etc.

Laundry equipment: Marine washing machines, dryers, Marine industry, Marine dry washing machine washing machine, dryer Marine indust ironing machine, stainless steel folding ironing board, ship electric heater, Marine electric iron, etc.

Ark of stainless steel products: stainless steel tableware, stainless steel working table (bench), stainless steel table, stainless steel wash pc condole ark of stainless steel, stainless steel dish rack, stainless steel cup frame, stainless steel gas collecting cover, etc., can be customized to customer's requirements.


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