Interior Design

Interior Design

Wherever in the world you may be,Shaneok is there for you,Founded in2001,Shaneok is headquartered in shanghai-China’s youngest international city. After nearly 20 years of continuing development.Shaneok is one of China’s leading companies,with a global foot-print,providing products and services in more than 100 countries and districts shaneok is engaged in the entire industrial chain of decorating&building materials ranging from design.
You don't have to worry about the high cost of design anymore.Choosing Shaneok as your project contractor can save you a lot of design costs.Also some of the products design are free.Any stage of a building construction project is the key point in the construction process.Problems in the design of any stage will make an impact on
the whole construction project.Shaneok have a dedicated design team to help customers plan.control and improve projects.
Shaneok is one of the few one-stop building materials suppliers in china that provide integrate design.Mainly provide the following four design
services for your construction project:

Projects 3D Design

Shaneok can provide high quality 3D rendering for your construction projects.Professional Desgin Team Do Building Construction Projects 3D Design Work.

Projects Sketchup Drawing

The quality of rendering is fundamental to the development of Shaneok.We strive to win your trust with quality! Use a professional attitude to design every building project and building materials products.Shaneok will redesign the drawings after obtaining accurate field measurements.

Frame Structure Design

Architectural design requires professional design of the structure of the building.Designers need professional designs for the shape and structure of the building.Only when designers are familiar with the shape and characteristics of each building material can they design a reasonable structural scheme for the building.

Accessory Mould Design

Many times we need special accessories for building structures. Some special building materials accessories may need to be redesigned and customized.Our design team worked with our production department to complete the production of new molds.


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